Emotion Code Overland Park

Overland Park Emotion Code® Practitioner

David Lloyd, CECP


Have you ever felt like:

You’re on the outside looking in?
You’re blocked from giving or receiving full love?
You can’t recover from a loss, divorce, or other emotional turmoil?
Or, maybe something just seems “off” about the way you feel, but you can’t put your finger on it. Most of us have been there at one time or another, which may be due to what a lot of people call “emotional baggage.” And our premise is that, like our bodies, emotions are nothing more than energy.

The Emotion Code® can help you discover and get rid of that negative emotional energy and unpack your emotional baggage for good:

  • Resolve physical discomfort
  • Ease emotional wounds
  • Restore love to relationships
  • Break cycles of self-sabotage
Let’s Release your “HeartWall”
David also works on pets!
$70 Session
Get a Free Starbucks Gift Card when you schedule 4!
(It usually takes 4-6 sessions to release your “Heart Wall”)

How Energy Healing Can Help you Find Inner Peace

Energy healing techniques such as The Emotion Code® can help release energetic blockages that may be holding you back from finding inner peace. There are many actions you can take to support yourself as you try to find more peacefulness in your life. Energy healing can be a powerful tool as you work to identify and release the things that are keeping you from experiencing peace. You could be blocked from fully experiencing a sense of inner peace by trapped energy. By identifying and releasing those energies, you may begin to access freedom, presence, confidence, gratitude — and even inner peace — with ease!
If inner peace feels a long way off for you, perhaps energy healing can help you break through to a mindset where it’s more attainable! Other practices such as mindfulness, meditation, and spiritual practices may also help.