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About Us

About Lotus Yoga and Wellness Spa

We are here to help you bring balance in your life! Daily challenges can bring about stress, leaving us feeling drained and exhausted. This blocks energies that enable us to live in true happiness and health. The absence of these energies lead to disease, serious illnesses, and feelings like we lack purpose. We care about you and your individual needs. Start taking control of your life now. Come visit Lotus Yoga and Wellness Spa for rejuvenation.

No matter where you are on your life journey, yoga is an incredible way to achieve mental relaxation, tone muscle, and increase flexibility!.  Our yogis will guide you through proper technique. We offer all levels of classes and Chair Yoga! Join Lotus Yoga and Wellness Spa today!

We also have a Chiropractor, Acupuncture, All types of Massage, Cupping, Infrared Sauna, Reiki, and Energy Work!

Our Instructors

Maylo Epperson, 500 E – RYT, Yoga Director, Lead Teacher Yoga Teacher Training (Yoga Instructors)

Jodi Novicoff —RYT, Yoga Director (Yoga Instructors)

Sue Park, 500 E – RYT (Yoga Instructors)

Mendi Eskew, 200 RYT (Yoga Instructors)

Ali Jacobson, 200 E - RYT (Yoga Instructors)

Megan Johnson, 200 RYT (Yoga Instructors)

Blair Hauser — 200 RYT (Yoga Instructors)

Dr. Svetlana Mena, D.C. (Chiropractor & Acupuncture)

Janell Berroth, Certified Reflexologist (Massage Therapists)

David Lloyd, 200 RYT, Reiki Master, B.M.E.

David Lloyd, 200 RYT, Reiki Master, B.M.E. (Reiki Practitioners)

Dave Witcher, Energy Channeler Level III, Reiki Level I (Reiki Practitioners)

Keri Stone – 200 RYT, Reiki Level II (Reiki Practitioners)