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Our Mission is to share the wisdom of yoga by opening our hearts, minds and souls in a space that is safe and nurturing. We do this through the spirit of healing, transformation, service, and love. Many of teachers are experienced 500 RYT certified and deeply care about your practice.

Chair Yoga is for Everyone!

What Is Chair Yoga? Chair Yoga is often misunderstood to be an age-specific practice when, truthfully, we'd all be...

Stress Management + Yoga

Everyone has Stress, How are you Managing it? Your smart phone is ringing off the hook, with notifications popping up...

Beginning Yoga, What you need to Know!

Welcome to the Yoga Guide for Beginners! When new to Yoga, it can feel intimidating and difficult to know precisely...

Benefits Of CBD Oil And How To Use It

Cannabidiol or CBD is a chemical found in cannabis plant and is a popular natural remedy used for curing many common...

Difference Between THC & CBD

The legal use of marijuana and other cannabis products is growing rapidly in different states of Europe and the US....

Common Myths About CBD

With cannabidiol becoming more and more popular for treating chronic pain, disorders, and physical ailments, there are...

CBD Oil for Your Pets!

If your pet has been suffering from a disease or illness for months or even years, you are likely willing to try...

200 RYT TEACHER TRAINING 2019 – 2020

“Learning under Maylo Epperson was a transformative experience for both my yoga practice and my personal life.  Her...


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