With cannabidiol becoming more and more popular for treating chronic pain, disorders, and physical ailments, there are a few myths that float around within the CBD world. When considering CBD to help relieve pain or subside symptoms of an illness, be mindful of what CBD can do for your body. The time for CBD to shine is now, and with the correct research and information, it has the potential to change how we treat our ailments.

CBD is Psychoactive

Unlike its counterpart, CBD doesn’t have any THC in it. Due to widespread ignorance and lack of education, it was popularly denounced because of the gimmicks. With the marketing image and recent spark in curiosity and awareness of what’s in CBD, astigmatism has dramatically decreased. CBD itself doesn’t have any more than 0.2% of THC not allowing it to spur any psychoactive properties for the consumer.

Cannabidiol Cures

The belief that cannabidiol cures are one that can be detrimental and dangerous. There is still so much research to be done about CBD and how it can aid those in pain and suffering from sickness. It may be a long time before any scientist hypothesizes that CBD can cause specific illness or disorder. For the time being, cannabidiol is used to treat and relieve pain and symptoms for epilepsy, sleeping disorders, etc.

It’s Medical Marijuana

First and foremost, medical marijuana is only legal in 29 states, whereas, CBD is legal in all 50 countries. Medical marijuana puts consumers at risk by carrying carcinogens throughout the body. CBD is a pure dietary supplement that is utilized through creams, capsules, liquids, and other various products. There is no risk of overdosing because your body will metabolize the oil without permitting undesirable side effects.

Lotus Organic Botanicals 

Within the medicinal industry, it can sometimes be difficult to draw a clear line in the sand with what is useful and what’s not. While CBD is entirely safe and non-threatening, there are many speculations that state otherwise. There are more benefits to CBD than just treating severe medical conditions and relieving pain. For more information, take a look at our other blog posts!